Birds Of A Feather -
Familiar and Unfamiliar Soundz by Dread Rat

playlist December 26th 2004

23 tracks in playlist, average track length: 2:49
Playlist length: 1 hour 5 minutes 5 seconds

Playlist files:

Brian Whitman - Mountain noel
Brian Whitman - Thumpetty christmas parades
Missiledickchicks - These Bombs are made for dropping
Brian Whitman - Radiant bells
Brian Whitman - Faithful clear
Brian Whitman - Blanket and frosty holler
Brian Whitman - Berries sleeping
Brian Whitman - Pum pa chestnut pies
Brian Whitman - Hail the shining star
Brian Whitman - Faithful fates measure
Brian Whitman - Bright reindeer cap
Brian Whitman - Cherry misfortune
Brian Whitman - City sidewalk steadfast clime
Brian Whitman - Holy night
Genomic Dub Collective - First Genomic Version Dub
Genomic Dub Collective - ElgarDubsnippet
Genomic Dub Collective - Lincoln versus Darwin dub
Genomic Dub Collective - Ras Darwin Dub
Genomic Dub Collective - New Genomic Era Dub
Genomic Dub Collective - Sarodic Dub
David Dunn - Underwater insects -- emergent45
Lisa Walker - walker-tenakee230
Lisa Walker - Hawaii Gruv