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Birds of a Feather,

(Un)familiar soundz by Dread Rat

December 26th: X-Mess Special

Broadcast sunday the 26th of december 2004 - 60 minutes

X-Mess Special


Missile dick chicks

In this special X-mas edition I played a selection from A Singular Christmas made by MIT student Brian Whitman, a spoof on These Boots are Made for Walking by Missiledickchicks, some generative dub from the Genomic Dub Collective, a snippet of sounds of underwater insects by David Dunn and finally two tracks by Lisa Walker, a recording of a humpback whale chorus, recorded in a long, narrow channel that influences the sounds, and a track that was inspired by the incredibly rhythmic winter (mating) song of the Humpback Whale, a serious inquiry into the tangled weave of rhythm, music and the joys of sex ...

Birds Of A Feather

playlist December 26th 2004

23 tracks in playlist, average track length: 2:49
Playlist length: 1 hour 5 minutes 5 seconds

Playlist files:

Brian Whitman - Mountain noel
Brian Whitman - Thumpetty christmas parades
Missiledickchicks - These Bombs are made for dropping
Brian Whitman - Radiant bells
Brian Whitman - Faithful clear
Brian Whitman - Blanket and frosty holler
Brian Whitman - Berries sleeping
Brian Whitman - Pum pa chestnut pies
Brian Whitman - Hail the shining star
Brian Whitman - Faithful fates measure
Brian Whitman - Bright reindeer cap
Brian Whitman - Cherry misfortune
Brian Whitman - City sidewalk steadfast clime
Brian Whitman - Holy night
Genomic Dub Collective - First Genomic Version Dub
Genomic Dub Collective - ElgarDubsnippet
Genomic Dub Collective - Lincoln versus Darwin dub
Genomic Dub Collective - Ras Darwin Dub
Genomic Dub Collective - New Genomic Era Dub
Genomic Dub Collective - Sarodic Dub
David Dunn - Underwater insects -- emergent45
Lisa Walker - walker-tenakee230
Lisa Walker - Hawaii Gruv

(Almost) Every sunday live on DFM RTV International from 22:00 to 23:00 CET and archived on this site for a week afterwards.

DFM RTV International


December 19th: This was not a test: DFM DBBS

Broadcast sunday the 19th of december 2004 - 106 minutes

DFM Distributed Backup Broadcast System - This was not a test

This weekend DFM main studio temporarily lost its broadband connection, so we had main studio connected over dial-up modem, and Habologic and me working together keeping the DFM streams running. Some of the consequences were that this week's archive recording is in a lower bitrate and mono, but it is almost twice as long as usual (106 minutes). A wide variety of sounds, amongst them Native American peyote songs, Tuvan throat singing, traditional Ethiopian music, Jamaican dub, songs by El Queso All Stars, mixes from the madonna remix project using the Madonna - WTF do U think U R doing? - soundsnippet that she had put on P2P networks, some randomly sequenced/mixed sounds made with The Great Kazoo (see previous week), some songs by Dutch troubadour Armand and I probably forgot to mention some of the things in this week's cast, but if you haven't heard it yet and you're curious, have a listen please.

December 12th: The Great Kazoo shuffles and mixes sound samples

Broadcast sunday the 12th of december 2004, 60 minutes

The Great Kazoo - multi-channel randomized sound snippets

The Great Kazoo

A more or less random shuffle mix of sound snippets, made with Bitmaps and Waves and Coagula Light and wave files I use with bwgen and samples from the Flat Four Radio sample challenge.

December 5th: Take a bow, take a cigar box

Cigar Box Fiddle

Broadcast sunday the 5th of december 2004

Cigar box instruments, bowing and twanging

This was what I had in mind for last week, cigar box fiddle played with violin bow and with slide and plectrum as cigar box slide guitar, cigar box monochord mouthbow, played with chopstick, fingers and violin bow, bamboo and guitar string mouthbows, throat singing, a small fragment of reggae that happened to be at the end of a cassette I used. Moving between Mongolian/Siberian inspired improvisations, hints of Amazonian rain forest ayahuasca music and screeching bluesy sounds.

November 28th: Analog synth meets cigar box instruments

Broadcast sunday the 28th of november 2004

Analog synthesizer with cigar box instruments twanging

The thing I had in mind for this webcast didn't work out due to some technical issues that messed up recordings I tried to make for the webcast, so I ended up hooking up my synth and patching up a sample/hold pattern as a background to improvise over with voice, cigar box monochord mouth bow and home made two string cigar box fiddle, which is finished by now.

November 21st: Old Hippies and Cyber Shamanism

Broadcast sunday the 21st of november 2004

60s Hippy Songs, Cyber-Shamanic journey

Before the jingle, the backgound layer that continues for most of the cast on a low volume level, a CD with gong and didjeridu by Masters of the Dreamtime ((Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa, Margreet Singing Spirit Bakker, Ralph Dancing Thunder Oquendo) mixed with an old test recording made before a webcast. After the jingle some songs from the Songbook of the California School of Herbal Science. Next and final part is a soundpiece with brainwave entrainment binaural sounds, humpback whale song, shaman's drum and, added live during the webcast, a not yet completely finished, but already playable two string cigar box fiddle, played with a violin bow.

November 14th: Cosmic Noisegasm

Broadcast sunday the 14th of november 2004

Cosmic noises and sneak reviews

Mix of three streams with cosmic noises, NASA's Inspire stream, Meteor radar and the radio astrononomy project by radioqualia. On top of that, MP3s of old cast were played on 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x on a DVD player and added to the mix of astronomical noises.

November 7th: Bowed Cigar Box Monochord

Broadcast sunday the 7th of november 2004

Makeshift monochord, a piece of piano string fixed to a wooden beam, with two cigar boxes acing as soundboxes and two small tin cans and bolts acting as resonators and bridges, the string was divided in the middle where one of the cigar boxes sat, so that the string halves were in unisono. This setup was played with two bows and with a pair of chop sticks, one layer pre-recorded, a part of it a small loop processed with granular synthesis (Granulab), a second layer added during the cast.

October 31st: Patterns in noise: PI

Broadcast sunday the 31st of october 2004

Patterns emerging from noise

Mix of sounds from Inspire (NASA) and Navspasur Meteor radar, the soundtrack of the movie PI, Dutch police scanner stream, some ELF radio and number stations sounds.

October 24th: Spinning some 80s vinyl

Broadcast sunday the 24th of october 2004

Spinning some 80's vinyl

Mainly 80s vinyl, LP tracks, 12" singles and Flexidisc.

October 17th: Sounds from inside a didjeridu

Broadcast sunday the 17th of october 2004

Sounds from inside a didjeridu

A microphone was positioned inside the mouthpiece end of a didjeridu, sound levels were adjusted to be just on the edge of feedbacking. An electric fan was blowing an airstream across the mouth end, creating a fundamental drone and sound were made with voice, shaman drum, rattles, singing bowls, tapping the didjeridu with sticks, mallets, hands/fingers/nails, breath/blowing, whistling, etcetera.

October 10th: Granules and snippets from vinyl

Broadcast sunday the 10th of october 2004

Granules & Vinyl snippets

Granulated sound files and snippets from vinyl
(instructions for 27MC CB radio and some sound FX LP).

October 3rd: Grains of a Feather

Broadcast sunday 3rd of october 2004

Grains of a Feather

logged from #DFM on IRCNet:

22:07 <@oiio> granular feathering
22:07 < larsping> nice sounds...
22:07 <@oiio> or feathered granules ..
22:09 < larsping> like, grains of a feather?
22:11 <@opr8tor> dreadules
22:53 <@opr8tor> tweeteriedee
22:53 <@opr8tor> dingelidoo
22:58 <@oiio> well toned Dread
22:59 <@opr8tor> and well in time with end mod
23:01 <@opr8tor> well done allhough bit excessie repetition of jingler;)
23:01 <@oiio> thank you dread
23:01 <@opr8tor> but worked out fine
23:01 <@oiio> it became trancy
23:01 <@oiio> Zeppelinny
23:03 <@Dread_Rat> yeah thorough granular de(con)struction of jingly

September 26th: Various MP3s

Broadcast sunday 26th of september 2004

Varied collected MP3 tracks

September 19th: Varied vinyl

Broadcast sunday 19th of september 2004

Varied tracks and fragments from my vinyl collection. Ecclectic collage of punk & dub and more.

September 12th: Conjunction Sun, Mars and Jupiter and analogue bubbles.

Broadcast sunday 12th of september 2004


bwg preset
Download Sun-Mars-Jupiter_conjunction.bwg Bwgen preset file

We experienced some problems with the live cast on sunday night, the main stream server was down so we had to improvise with DFM running a local stream server, stream links on the web page took some time to update, so some might have missed the program all together, or in any case missed the beginning. The program consisted of combination of planet tones and binaural beats based on the rotations and orbits of the planets mars and jupiter and the synodal rotation of the sun (they all fall within the tones D, F#, and A#) reflecting the current sun-mars-jupiter conjunction. Mixed into that a cassette I made in the early nineties with bubbly analogue synthesizer sounds.

September 5th: Recordings from 80's cassette archive.

Broadcast sunday 5th of september 2004

Some almost random fragments from my cassette archive from the 80's - home recordings, remixes and some stuff I made in the AKI audio studio.

August 29th: In Memoriam Wouter Schuiling - part 2 - Hip Young Doctors (1980) and Frits van Egters Asfaltbloemen.

Broadcast sunday 29th of august 2004

Two weeks ago I heard that Wouter Schuiling (also known on the Internet as VoorDeWind and vdW) passed away on july 17th. Back in the early 80s we played together in the band Hip Young Doctors (Wouter on guitar, I played bass). In this week's program the remainder from the 'Hip Young Doctors Live' cassette (actually a recorded rehearsal with a 'live' feel to it). This is followed by a recording of a concert by Wouter's later band 'Frits van Egters Asfaltbloemen'.

Hip Young Doctors 1980

Hip Young Doctors - 1980

August 22nd: In Memoriam Wouter Schuiling (13 juni 1959 - 17 juli 2004)  

part 1 - Hip Young Doctors (1980).

Wouter Schuiling

Broadcast sunday 22nd of august 2004

Last week I heard that Wouter Schuiling (also known on the Internet as VoorDeWind and vdW) died on july 17th. Back in the early 80s we played together in the band Hip Young Doctors. A good reason to dig into my cassette archive and give some more people the opportunity to listen to those recordings. In this week's program first some home recordings Wouter made, after that the Hip Young Doctors cassette 'Fast Forward', a couple of stray recordings and the first two tracks from a live(?) recording. To be continued next week.

August 15th: Echoed sounds, shaman drum, overtone voices, yidaki/didjeridu.

Broadcast sunday 15th of august 2004

Desert sounds soundtrack, DFM and other Internetradio streams and MP3s played with a delay DSP effect, with improvisations on mouthharp, shaman drum, overtone singing, yidakis/didjeridoos.

Previously: Echoes of earlier DFM stream, Shaman drums, overtone voices.

Improvisation on shaman drums, with overtone singing, fragments of Shamanic Invocations Live at the Amuse Theatre CD.

Previously: Singing bowls, Shaman drum, Moring Khuur, entheogenic CD.

Improvisation on singing bowls, tingshas (small Tibetan cymbals), shaman drum, overtone voice, moring khuur (Mongolian horsehead fiddle), fragments of CD with compilation of entheogenically inspired music mixed in.

4th of july 2004: Moon tone, Mouth harps, Yidakis, singing bowls, Shaman drum

Improvisation on several yidakis, mouth harps, singing bowls, tingshas (small Tibetan cymbals), shaman drum, overtone voice, bells, kalimba, bamboo flute. Moon planetary tones as intro and outtro.

Previously: Yidaki, MS20, sounds from DFM stream, TV, singing bowls, test tones

Broadcast sunday 4 / 7 / 2004

Two layers of MS20, microphone connected to ext. signal in. Pre-recorded and live yidaki by myself. Here and there sounds from the previous program on the DFM stream (PingFM) were mixed to the cassette with pre-recorded material as well as some sounds from TV, filtered trough the MS20 and test tone sweeps.

Previously: Recycled recordings, AM radio and outside sounds

Sound from cassette which had parts that were used in the previous three webcasts was connected to the external signal input of the MS20, combined with sounds from an AM radio and a microphone outside.

Previously: Vintage Korgs, MP3 artifacts and sounds from outside

The broadcast was delayed this week, and streamed at monday morning june 14th from 0:38-1:38 CET.

One layer of Rhythm33, MS20, bamboo flute, didjeridu, miked outside sounds including dripping water, dogs, birds and traffic noises mixed with mp3 stream with wrong bitrate artifacts that were sounding a bit like gurgling water, prerecorded on casette. Live in the mix during cast: Mike outside, Rhythm33, MS20.

Previously: Vintage Korgs and Sunset Birds

 Ircnet #dfm - Independent Webcaster International - http://dfm.nu/

23:04 <@Dread_Rat> mixed birds from about 1 1/2 to 1/2 hour before
cast and live mike in backyard, for a kind of
time shifted stereo effect
23:05 < _smiley> tweeters
23:05 <@Dread_Rat> and phase/rhythms shifting between two layers of MS20 synth
23:06 <@Dread_Rat> driven by Korg Rhythm 33 mostly with 'swing 3' rhythm
23:08 <@Dread_Rat> at the end rhythmically grabbed fragments from previous
hour DFM and R100 streams in the mix

On the last weekend of may there was no webcast by me because I was at the Poetry festival at Ruigoord

Previously: Korgs & ZubeTube

Two layers of Korg MS20 driven by a Korg Rhythm 33 beat box. A reverb effect was created through a miked-up ZubeTube which was picking up sounds from loudspeakers, TV, me playing a drum, typing etc.

Previously: Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodol) Remix

Before the jingle: Korg MS20 drone (in the key of B, tune to the kalimba) with Sounds from a Brainmaster EEG monitor.
After the Jingle:
Korg MS20 drones mixed with the Bardo Thodol read by Timothy Leary + PBC (1993, Japan) with kalimba and microphone feedback generated sound through the body of the kalimba, that has a couple of holes that can be used to change the resonance frequency of the instrument's sound chamber. Later in the mix the Brainmaster sounds return for a while. Towards the end some MP3 clips from Show and Tell music, a collection of thrift store music, are mixed in.

Previously: ReMix for Baba (Light)Bird

The MP3 recording of this webcast is archived on the In Memoriam page for Baba Bird.

Baba Bird
Baba Bird
16/7/1957 - 7/5/2004

Remix of what turned out to be the last concert I did with my friend Lightbird/Baba Bird at The All is One party at the Amuse theatre in Amsterdam, the 6th of december 2003.

Analog synth Korg MS20 and yidaki, the yidaki was connected to the MS20 synthesizer as external signal source and used to drive/trigger the synth and the yidakis sound was also processed trough the MS20 with the oscillators tuned to the same pitch as the yidaki, adding several additional sound layers to the already acoustacally complex sound of the yidaki. During the first 15 minutes Peruvian ayahuasca songs (icaros) are mixed in.

Previously: Digital+Analog+Acoustic mix

Analog synth: Korg MS20, digital/software synth: bassline, acoustic: yidaki, singing bowls and bird sounds.

Previously: Digital/Analog/Acoustic mix

The digital part is a part of the material I made for last week's broadcast, the analog part the good old Korg MS20, the acoustic part I recorded playing several Himalayan singing bowls.

FFT resynthesis and Granular synthesis

First I made a FFT spectrogram of a segment of the DFM stream.

This spectrogram was rendered to sound again using Bitmap Player

I combined 2 different renderings to a stereo file, and used that as input for Granulab 1.0, a program which does granular synthesis.

Previously: Timbral analysis and synthesis: A wav file recording of Hawkwind's Live LP 'Space Ritual' analysed and resynthesised

Before the jingle: jupiter planet tones made with bwgen. The main part of the program is two slightly different renderings of the reult of timbral analysis and resynthesis done with a Linux program called Phazor.

Phazor is a little utility [...] to generate interesting ambient
sounds by mutating .wav files using large FFTs to destroy the phase
information and synthesise new sounds. The effect could be described
as capturing the 'essence' of the sound while destroying any specific
rythmn or melody.

After the first version I played some shorter pieces that I made by sonifying some images with Coagula Light.
The second version of the timbral analysis file was trough foobar2000 using the reverb DSP plug-in.


Sonified fractal images, subjected to granular synthesis and sound tracks of old introductory short films about HiFi and stereo sound reproduction.
In the background octaves of base tone A, 111 Hz with binaural beats that are also sub-octaves of this frequency, but in the human brain wave range, made with bwgen.

The films from which the sound tracks were taken were found at the internet archive in the movies section.

Previously: Planetary tones brain wave entrainment sounds and webradio mix

Sounds with binaural beats playing harmonic octaves of the rotation of the earth and earth's orbit around the sun, Shumann Earth resonances (electromagnetic resonance frequencies of the cavity that is formed between the surface of the planet and the ionosphere, these are called earth's natural meditating frequencies) and planetary tones of the rotation and orbit of jupiter. The webradio mix was a mix/collage of several shoutact web radio stations and radio hard disk (free player/client available for Macintosh, GNU-Linux and Windows, uses MIDI).

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